Hello and welcome to my manga, 21!

Devian Amayin is a Central High Track Star with everything going for him. He's got 3 unbeatable school records, a ton of friends and admirers, and an almost guaranteed full track scholarship to his dream college, Riddle University. He has just one problem...his grades. Not especially a smart guy, Devian must figure out a way to get at least a score of 21 on his ACT tests, or he has no chance of getting that scholarship. Except the highest he has ever scored on any of the practice ACTs...was a 12. When all seems hopeless, in comes Travis Ryen, a genius transfer student, who immediately scores a perfect 36 on the ACT practice test. So is Travis willing to help Devian? At what cost? Warning: This is a yaoi/shounen-ai manga!

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