ha ha...well I think it's about time I added a page like this one huh?

:P I've been wanting to create a website for a while now, but HTML was so complicated that I nevar could...Dreamweaver made it simpler though, and so did freewebs with its HTML site edit mode, so...xDD yay Last Haven is made xD

So why "Last Haven"? Well the Haven part is for my manga, Haven...and well the Last part is kind of relevant more to the story of Haven...it's a bit of a joke to me too, as my story Haven has several storylines...but there is no last Haven yet... ^^;; haha...one day there will be...I hope.

xD I also put up 21 here...I've always wanted to do a yaoi xD. I wanted to call it Blackjack, but there's already a manga with that title...21 still is Blackjack though...(The title of Blackjack will make sense later in the series)

Then add some other kewl things, like some winamp skins I made, wallpapers, some of my Anime Music Videos (which I will make more of soon!!), guestbook, a characters page, and some of my art...haha well it makes for a decent site I hope...

I'm lookin into putting up some anime Mp3s, but I don't want to get anyone angry at me (tho millions of otter websites just randomly put up Mp3s too...:P) I dunno...meebee I can do something like just put a few up and rotate them....if I ever get any initiative...

Now about me...hmmm

I go to college, I fly planes, I like anime, manga, yaoi, bishies, Japan, ramen, Jrock...lol well you get the idea...(oddly enuff I don't like sushi tho ^^;) haha I'm strange...xD so that's it!