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These are the main characters in my story Haven. These characters, however are not from the current 'Haven' manga that I am drawing right now. Because I want to do my best when I actually get to drawing the main storyline of Haven, I decided to start with the prequill that deals with Dieken, the main character Dyne's father. Dyne's story is the main story in the Haven timeline. I'll post that timeline up here soon, and also some chara bios for the current Haven manga when I get the chance. Until then, here are the main characters from Dyne's story: (Only a few have images now, more coming later)

     Dyne Amayin                Kyoji Amiran             Ao Veraki

     Takiu Uche                  Adin Khtoyara            Sekou Madeshi

     Xhyre Chasar               Triste Reine                Ariesius Valo

     Arami Rafale                Rune Traum                Vincere Vici

     Rathesis Rafale             Andreas Dei               Xeque Kizu

     Rassius Kaze                Derin                         Death

     Kajiku Vint                  Varie                           Vela

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These are the main characters in my yaoi manga, 21. Unlike most of the stories I come up with, 21 is a short and simple one arc piece, which is why I decided to draw it out. Plus, I've always wanted to do a yaoi x3. Anyways, more characters will be coming soon! For now though, just the main important ones. Note that a lot of the characters are the same as/have similar or the same names as in my manga Haven. I did this modeled after clamp a bit, who always have all their characters intergrated into their other works. Think of this as an AU version of Haven. Without the whole 'destiny/fate' kind of thing going on. Just some good fun yaoi! xDD

Devian Amayin

Travis Ryen

Leo Cray

Ara Rafale

Xhyre Chasar

Coach J. Schmidt