Hello and welcome to Last Haven ver 3! This is a site I created to host my
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newly started manga 21 , which is a yaoi manga! xD Also here you'll find
my drawings and artwork , all the Winamp Skins I've created as well as
             some Anime Wallpapers and Anime Music Videos I've made. ^_^
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9/7/09 -
Update! Sad that this is the first "official" update of 2009...I've gotten so lazy I usually update in the chat box lol. Now, I have TWO NEW 21 PAGES UP (yay 21 made it to page 21!!) I had sketches for the new Haven pages, but I can't find them! I'll have to redo them, I think...grr! Anyways the big "news" I promised in the chat box is this: I've started a website commissioning site...I want practice in HTML, so I figured I could design websites for others who wanted one of there own (for a nominal fee, of course ~_^) Anyways, please check it out!! Appossibility. Thanks everyone and sorry I'm so slow with this. I will finish both these comics!!

11/23/08 -
ALRIGHT, finally an *update*...Sorry...I'm *really* going to try and not do that thing where I go for a year without updating...So it's been a month...but now there are 2 new pages per manga! xD So 21 pages 19 and 20 are up and Haven pages 33 and 34 are up! See, I wasn't so lazy after all! Just FYI I can't do the weekly updating thing again until probably January. I'll try and get at least one or two more updates in before then, but right now I've got a lot to do so...manga must suffer...*scurries away*

10/10/08 -
I need a nap. I know it's Friday, and 21 is due...this is why I could never be a manga artist...deadlines. 21 page 19 will be up either in the wee hours of the morning when I've more energy, or tomorrow, when I've more time...sry ppls...

10/7/08 -
HAVEN PAGE 32 IS UP! I know, it's late Tuesday, but yesterday...just wasn't good. I wasn't feeling well all day. I literally came home, crashed on the couched, woke up at 2am and dragged myself to bed. Of course that means I didn't get to work on Haven like I intended to but I did it tonight instead and I'm feeling better, so that's good. ^__^ Anyways, NEW PAGE!

10/3/08 -
21 PAGE 18 IS UP! ^_^ Happy October xD...yay, I'm going to sleep now...(cause once again, its *almost* midnite on FRIDAY lol)

9/30/08 -
Alright, HAVEN PAGE 31 IS UP! About time too...I REALLY have to start working on these pages earlier...I'll be sure to do that with the new 21 page for Friday...the sad part is that it's not like I don't know what to put on the pages, I'd written both stories ages ago already...I'm just really lazy about drawing it out...? However! I am once again back to real tone! xD yay...

9/29/08 -
Heehhh...Haven pg 31 will be up TOMORROW. I fell behind, but I'll be able to finish is tomorrow. Until then the TEMPORARY page is here: *has been removed, real one is up...* ...That's what the page will be. Final version coming to a computer like yours tomorrow EVENING. :P sry, ppls

9/26/08 -
21 PAGE 17 IS UP! xD I made it with 2 hours to spare? (Cause it's 10 o'clock on FRIDAY) lol...New Haven Page on Monday!

9/22/08 -
HAVEN PAGE 30 IS UP! Alright *technically* it's 16 minutes past midnight, EST...but still...I got caught up watching Heroes, I knew it would happen ...xDzomfgbestshowever! *ahem* Anyways, I'm still doing well sticking to my schedule I hope, and the new 21 page is already started so that should be on time on Friday...yay ^___^

9/22/08 -
hey all, just wanted to let you know that Haven pg 30 will be up shortly...I've a few finishing touches to add and then I'll scan it and do the photoshop tweaking...by the way, it should also be noted, that when I say I will update Mons, or Fris, etc...I really mean *by the end of that day* so...it might not be until the late evening when I update...just fyi x3

9/19/08 -
21 PAGE 16 IS UP! Yay, for once an update on time! xD and again,as with Haven page 29, I have used TONE for this one ^_^. It's actually fun, using tone...too bad it's a bit expensive to buy...but still. The only thing is that the original pages look sooooo much better than after I scan them! T_T...ah well ^^;;

9/15/08 -
HAVEN PAGE 29 IS UP! xD Ok, so technically it's 10 minutes into Tuesday already, but I'm still going to count this as a Monday release. Expect a new page of 21 on Friday, and another new Haven page next Monday! ^__^ G'nite ppls xD

9/12/08 -
Alright, the not falling behind thing might be working. 21 PAGE 15 IS UP! I think I'm going to try and stick to the schedule I had thought of before, where Haven would update on Mondays, and 21 on Fridays. I think it was something like that. So with any luck on Monday, I'll have another page of Haven up! xD

9/8/08 -
Yay, an update...well not really, I didn't add/edit anything...but yea, I thought I'd at least inform everybody (all maybe 2 of you that still check this site? T_T;;) that I'm currently doing an internship right now, so updates...might be a little sporadic...(like they aren't already) ((This time I've an excuse tho???)) lol And yea...that's all ^__^

9/5/08 -
Once Again, I wait OVER a YEAR to UPDATE...those if any of you who still check this site must hate me >_o;; Soorrryy ^^;; But hey, I did a LOT this time...theres a NEW AMV up (Still one of my older ones but meh), there's a NEW WALLPAPER for Skip Beat! (I love that manga x3) AND 21 AND HAVEN BOTH HAVE 3 NEW PAGES UP!!! (So technically one of Haven's Pages is the cover for Chapter 2, but still!) lol I'm doing my best to keep up with them, and hopefully I'll learn to update them more regularly...I'd really like to finish them. Eventually...I didn't change too much else, but I went through every page to make sure it still looked all nice and pretty, so let me know if anything doesn't work cause I screwed it up or something? o_O;; xD Peace.

2/4/07 -
Well, I changed the site design...this is one I've been working on for a while. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been soo busy. Pages aren't going to be regular anymore until summer, when I have time, sry. But tell me what you think of the new site design in the Guestbook~!!! ^__^

9/8/06 -
zomfg I live lol...well I know I owe a lot of updates...(2 pages of 21 and 2 pages of Haven now...^^;; haha. I'll have them up as soon as I can. By this weekend hopefully...-_-;; and I hope I can keep up with the whole update schedule now...I've 2 jobs, 18 credit hours worth of classes, I'm in 3 clubs and then there's CAP and flying...but who needs sleep...xD lol and speaking of which the reason why I haffent updated in a while is that I've been watch one piece practically non stop during all my free time this week...I finally (thx to my friend xD) got all the rest of it~~!! Man...it's up to episode 275 manga chapter 400 something and it doesn't look like it's gonna end soon... ^^;; lots more ta download :P

8/28/06 -
:P well just in case u haven't figured it out yet, the update to 21 will be late...haha skewl started 2day, so I'm a bit behind...so 21 will be updated 2morrow.

8/27/06 -
Haha well I sed the update would be 4 the 27th at the latest xD hee...it's 9:20 here on the 27th so I made it...(and now I owe a page of 21 2morrow :O !! ^^;;) :P But class starts 2morrow so I can't guarantee that one either...neway..Haven page 23 up!!

8/25/06 -
Ok, so I know I owe an update for Haven, but it probably won't be up till tomorrow or Sunday at the latest. Sry, but I'm in the process of movin in to my new apartment...xD yay Finally bak at college...newayz there's no internet there now, so it's kinda hard...(I'm at skewl now...) not to mention that I don't haff my scanner hooked up yet...^^;; I'm workin on it lol xD So page 23 will be up by the 27th at the latest, I swears :P

8/21/06 -
Wow I actually got an update up on time!! lol Anyways 21 Page 7 is now up!! yay...

8/19/06 -
^_^;; well its 12:30 am, on Sat, technically so this update is LAATTEE!! Nevertheless...HAVEN PAGE 22 IS UP! yay...rejoice xD

8/18/06 -
Waah...ok, I kno its Friday and that I owe an update for Haven... ^^; It's almost done, I swear -_-;;; :P but now I'm off to a movie...I promised some ppl...so I'll try and have it up by midnite...-_- but it'll definetly be up b4 I go 2 bed 2nite, which may be as late as 2 am >_<;; sry

8/14/06 -
kk 21 page 6 up...sry it took so long lol...^__^

8/14/06 -
xDD wow, really kewl update xDD!! First of all, I've just added a new Final Fantasy AMV ! xD AND! I've just changed around the whole AMV page/downloding thing...cause Freewebs still doesn't like the AMV .zip files... So now I uploaded the AMVs to Google Video (xD yay for google !!) So now you can watch the videos on this site when you click on the picture links, and then go to download them from that other hosting site then xD...it makes it soooo much nicer, I think... Check it out!! :3 btw, I'm workin on a really kewl gravi AMV now xD BTW I kno it's Monday and an Update for 21 is due, but It prolly won't be up until the evening, AGAIN...I would have it done, but I haff to work...AGAIN. ^^;; sry, ppls.

8/12/06 -
zomfg! lol well, it's 12:17am, so technically it's no longer friday, but...haha neway I finished the update for Haven xDD yay...So neway! Haven Page 21 Final Version Now Up!!! wow, I'm goin ta bed...(not!)

8/11/06 -
Ok, so here's the thing...I've been sooo busy 2day it's not even funny...so rite now the update for Haven isn't done yet..or at least not by the 5 pm eastern standard time deadline I set...but I put up a temporary version of page 21 for now...I have to leave for work now, but when I come bak, i'll ink and fix up page 21 and the updat will be complete...haha

8/8/06 -
Added 'About' page...

8/7/06 -
Haha...well it's monday, and that means that its time for 21 to update!! yay xD lol...so yah, 21 Page 5 is up...zomg teh fence -_-; took 4evar lol :P By the way...I've decided that when I say that the mangas will be updated Mon and/or Fri...I will try to have the updates up by 5pm eastern standard time. I may not always make that though, so be patient...haha ^^;

8/4/06 -
Whew...well it's Friday, so that means the my manga Haven has updated!! And like I promised it's more than one page...(3 pages yay!) lol...just don't expect that all the time tho...drawing manga ish hard -_-;;; Anywayz -- HAVEN PAGES 18, 19 AND 20 ARE NOW UP!! --

8/3/06 -
Haha...well nothing much to report...I think I may be able to upload more than one page of Haven next time ^__^ haha hey if u really want to laugh at something, then check out my old geocities site...xD I made it ages ago and just accidently stumbled upon it...haha wow it sux ^^; Anywayz here it be : Haru wa itsumo tookute

7/31/06 -
Whew!! I made it...it's now 11:46 pm on Monday here, and I managed to post the update to my manga 21! BTW 21 PAGE 4 IS UP!! Recently I added that Haven updates on Fridays, and 21 on Mondays, so I'll try to keep to that as much as possible...*thinks - it's still technically Monday now...* haha ZOMG HAVEN HAS FANS!! xD I posted my comic Haven on www.onlinecomics.net...and now it has 18 FANS!! xDD I luff u ppl! wow...it almost makes me wish that I had more pages...^__^ by the way, 21 will be posted on online comics.net too, once it gets to be 10 pages...which is the minimum for that site...so please support it toooo...haha well then I swear by friday I'll have a new page for Haven too. Next time on Haven: Explore the Jenius that is...Taro... ^^; (He's so lame, but I luff him...)

7/27/06 -
zomfg!! I thought I'd check to see how my page turned out in internet explorer, and EVERYTHING was SOOO screwed up! Man, HTML is hard...so I went and fixed everthing for IE and everything is of course still good in Firefox, which is what I use...But if u visit this site, and it's all messed up, please do email me...I'd like to fix everything if I can...

7/26/06 -
Ok, it's about 5 hours later than my last post, and since the AMV files are too big to be hosted on geocities, for right now I've put them on an outside hosting site. It sux cause there's adds and all that, but it'll only be till this 7 day provisional period is over. But at least now all the links work, and the site is up. By the way email me if you find any other problems with this site...I've been trying to work out all the bugs, but I'm sure I've missed a lot of them...^___^ Thanx all...hee...oh and I just added a page counter too yay!

7/26/06 -
Found a temporary way around the .zip file problem, by puting the .zip files on my old geocities site, but I will be putting them on this site when I can. Other than that, the skins page is up, so it the my art page and the AMVs page is still coming. Oh and yesterday was my birthday! Haha xD

7/24/06 -
Added the Guestbook, and I'm working on the "My Art" page. Skins will take longer, because freewebs won't let me upload .zip files while I'm still a "new" member here. AMVs coming soon too.

7/23/06 -
Added most things, but still a lot left to do. By the way the links with *'s next to them don't work, I'm still working on those pages, and I hope to have them done soon. Sorry.

7/23/06 -
Started Site!


I hope everyone likes the new design of this site!! Thanks for looking and be sure to sign the guestbook!!!             <3 Kitto

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