Winamp Skins





hey! ^_^ Here be the Winamp Skins I've made...thanx
to my friend beckeh for teachin meh btw...

So go ahead and download them if ya want. Just click on the
picture, and save it under "Program Files/Winamp/Skins."
Oh and if you don't have winamp, download it

here .


Title: Embrace

Characters: Count Cain and Riff

Comments: xD zomfg Kaori Yukki has to be one of the greatest manga-ka I've read so far...I luff the Count Cain series, and when I found this picture, I just had ta skin it xDD

Title: Chained to You

Characters: Ban and Ginji

Comments: This was the first skin I ever made, so I'm sure that parts are screwed up...I love's soooo...awesome.  And when a friend gave me this pic I was like...I must skin I made this skin. Yea...

Title: Hug...

Characters: Yuri and Wolfram

Comments: XDD Kyou Kara Maoh is prolly one of the kewlest animes that I've seen...I found this picture and just had to make a skin of it xDD  

Title: Gravi Forever!

Eiri Yuki and Shuichi Shindou

Comments: Well..I just had to make a gravi was necessary. Absolutely necessary.

Title:  To the West!!

Characters: Sanzo, Goku, Hakkai, Gyojo

Comments: this is the newest skin I've made. I've been watching a lot of Saiyuki's a really long series too ^^; I hope I get to finish it...